About This Site

This site was designed by Frank Heinley, and built using Drupal version: 6.38, a free, open source content management system.

In addition to the core Drupal software, a number of additional modules were added.

Administration menu
(Part of Administration)
6.x-3.0-alpha4Provides a dropdown menu to most administrative tasks and other common destinations (to users with the proper permissions).admin_menu
Backup and Migrate6.x-1.3Backup or migrate the Drupal Database quickly and without unnecessary data.backup_migrate
Buy At6.x-1.3Utility routines to link to a www.buy.at web shop.
(Part of Spam control)
6.x-2.7Base CAPTCHA module for adding challenges to arbitrary forms.captcha
Contact Forms6.x-1.18Creates individual contact pages from contact form categories.contact_forms
Cookie check6.x-1.0Checks for cookie support when users are attempting to log in and provides an error message.cookie_check
Document Manager6.x-1.0Manage a document download area for a site.
Document Manager node6.x-1.0Defines a new node type for the Document Manager
Document6.x-1.12Allows users to upload Documents, search & download them.document
Document Filter6.x-alphaFilter to provide a download link for the document module.
Frequently Asked Questions6.x-1.13Manages configuration of questions for a FAQ page.faq
FH Galleriffic
(Part of Image)
6.x-1.0-beta-1Integrate the galleriffic jquery plugin into Drupal.
Request Chart
(Part of Hospital Radio Suite)
6.x-2.1Record and chart requests for a hospital radio station
FH Utilities6.x-alphaVarious utility functions
(Part of Image)
6.x-1.2Allows uploading, resizing and viewing of images.image
(Part of Spam control)
6.x-2.7Provides an image based CAPTCHA.captcha
(Part of ImageCache)
6.x-1.10ImageAPI supporting multiple toolkits.imageapi
ImageAPI GD2
(Part of ImageCache)
6.x-1.10Uses PHP's built-in GD2 image processing support.imageapi
Import / Export tables.6.x-1.1Export / import a sub set of tables from one site to another.
Latest News6.x-1-alphaDisplay the latest items from a taxonomy term.
Link node6.x-1.3Provides an input filter that allows a node to link to other nodes.link_node
Login destination6.x-2.12Control where users are directed to once they login.login_destination
Nice Menus6.x-2.1CSS/jQuery drop-down, drop-right and drop-left menus to be placed in blocksnice_menus
(Part of Nodequeue)
6.x-2.11Create queues which can contain nodes in arbitrary ordernodequeue
Path redirect6.x-1.0-rc2Redirect users from one URL to another.path_redirect
Submitted By6.x-1.4Customize the Submitted by username on date text on a per-nodetype basis.submitted_by
Taxonomy Access Control Lite6.x-1.6Simple access control based on categories.tac_lite
Token6.x-1.19Provides a shared API for replacement of textual placeholders with actual data.token
(Part of Views)
6.x-2.18Create customized lists and queries from your database.views
Views UI
(Part of Views)
6.x-2.18Administrative interface to views. Without this module, you cannot create or edit your views.views
(Part of Webform)
6.x-3.23Enables the creation of forms and questionnaires.webform
Word Filter6.x-1.1Replaces words inside posts with filtered versions.wordfilter