Fund Raising

chest-left.pngHospital Radio Barnet is staffed entirely by volunteers, who each pay a yearly subscription for the privilege of giving up their spare time for the benefit of the patients.

As a part of the Friends of Barnet Hospital, Hospital Radio Barnet is funded by them, and any money we raise goes to the Friends, however each year we try to raise enough money to cover our operating costs, and maybe even a bit towards some more equipment.

Here are some articles on ways we have raised money over the years.

30th Anniversary Balloon Race

balloons2.pngAs part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we are holding a balloon race this Saturday, 6th September, from the Spires Shopping Centre in Barnet, at the Bandstand, attended by the deputy Mayor and Mayoress to launch the race, with a prize of £50 to the balloon that goes the furthest. There is also a prize for the person who returns the ticket of the winning balloon.

Come along and have a go. You may win £50.

New On Line Shop

When shopping on line, why not see if the retailers you use are part of our webshop.Over 100 retailers are accessible through the webshop, including Tesco, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Waterstones. Many retailers provide exclusive offers to the webshop, such as discounts or offering free delivery to the customer, providing more reasons for supporters to buy products through the webshop.

HRBs Summer Of Fun

02_06_07_1535.jpgJune was a busy month for HRB as we attended a number of fetes around the Barnet area. Fetes serve 2 purposes for HRB, they help raise awareness of the station in the community, and they raise a small amount of money to help keep the station running.

The PT's Cruise to the Friends Fete

Members of the UK Cruiser Club bring a touch of colour and class to the Friends Fete on a fatanstic sunny 2nd June.