jukebox.pngWe like to play requests for the patients, it helps make their stay a bit less irksome, it lets us know what our audience wants to hear, and also that someone is listening!

We visit the wards frequently to talk to the patients, but obviously we cannot visit every ward every day, so patients and their relatives and friends are encouraged to phone the studios for instant requests during the evenings and at weekends - since as a voluntary organisation we are only able to be there at those times.

If you would like a request played for a patient in Barnet hospital, then phone the studios and let us know. The best times to call are between 7:30 and 10pm in the week, and 10am to 6pm at weekends. Or you could fill in the form on this web site, but it can take a couple of days for those requests to get to the station, as we do not have email access in the studios.

Call for requests on 020 8216 4796, or fill in this form.

To see the most popular requests on Hospital Radio Barnet, click here.